Where are you travelling to next?

We have all been through a tough time this year and there is no denying that things have changed for us all. Especially when it comes to holidays and spending time with our families. The goalposts are changing all the time when it comes to places that are safe to travel to and with the risk of quarantine, it can be overwhelming. I personally am re-evaluating my plans all the time, a lot of things are on hold. So is a holiday possible this year? The truth is there are still things that you can consider. With that in mind, here are some of the options that you have. 

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Doing research on destinations abroad

One of the first things that you could do if you are determined to get on a plane this year and head away is to do some research on potential locations. There are countries and holiday hotspots that have not been affected too much by covid-19 so the risk of quarantine is low. It may take a bit of digging in to and looking at the facts but it could help you decide on the perfect place for a sunny trip away.

Lodges and homes away from home

Staying in this country is a real possibility for holidays this year for so many, so why not look at the options that you have. Websites offer up holiday homes and cottages in idyllic locations, lodges in tourist hotspots or in remote places with excellent facilities could also be an option. This could give you the chance to sample some of the making coastlines and holiday locations this country has to offer. And helps you to understand the rules and not risk any increased risk of infecting or catching covid-19. As an added plus many of these places have put in extra guidance and facilities to help them be safe along with government guidelines so you can have that peace of mind. With of of these locations in remote areas, the risk of being in built up areas and often self catered means it can be a safer option for someone who is fed up of their own four walls and fancies a change.

Caravans and holiday parks

There is no denying that there are some elements of this country’s holiday industry that will be booming right now and that will be the extensive amount of holiday parks and caravan sites that we have. For the first time in my life, I went to stay in a caravan park the other week and can now see the attraction of offering a great family holiday in fantastic locations close to beaches, woodland and countryside. There are plenty of options that you can consider, and they offer a wide range of facilities from basic to luxurious. You are bound to find something that will suit your needs. I loved my stay in Wales an am already looking forward to my next visit!


Last of all, why not consider camping. This is a great option and could become a firm favourite for holidays in the future. Once you have invested in the gear you need you are ready to go at a moment’s notice. This could not only transform your holidays but also give you the option of cheap weekends away as well. Many campsites have fabulous facilities so again basic to luxurious you are going to find something suitable. 


Let’s hope this has given you some options to consider when it comes to embracing holidays after lockdown. 

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