Travelling after lockdown

78093607_10100688786960003_647782455234789376_nAre we still in lockdown? It’s pretty hard to tell some of the time, shops are open, people are going back to work, but with so many restrictions in place sometimes it’s hard to know. There are definitely nowhere near as many restrictions as they once were, one of the most clear areas appears to be the fact you can now travel out of the UK. This means your dreams of a summer holiday in 2020 can still come true! However, if you choose to travel post-lockdown, you’ll find it far different from any other holidays you’ve been on. So, before you book, here are a few tips and things you need to know: 

Your options are more limited

Currently, the government has introduced things called travel corridors that let you go between certain countries without needing to self-isolate. The good news is that most countries in Europe are included here – certainly, the popular destinations of Spain, Portugal, Italy, and France are all there. The bad news is that many other countries don’t make the list, most notably the US. If you were planning a big trip to Las Vegas or Disneyworld, your plans would have to change. Be sure before you book you check the list of countries and their rules of travel to avoid being quarantined when you land, then having to quarantine when you get back home!

It could be better to pay more for private accommodation

In general, the price of hotels is on the rise as they look to recover the money they lost during lockdown. It’s understandable, but this might make you reconsider where you stay during your trip. For me, it makes sense to spend money on more private or exclusive accommodation, seeing as hotels are already expensive and likely to have restrictions on thing you can and can’t do. If you’re looking to splash the cash a luxury holiday in Marbella or an exclusive apartment in Portugal like the one I stayed in last September would be ideal for me. Private accommodation is somewhere you can benefit from added safety and do things more your way from cleaning to cooking. The private and exclusive nature of luxury accommodations often means fewer people will be around which may make you feel safer. As a result, there’s less chance of catching COVID while away. That’s not to say you will catch it in a regular hotel, I just feel if you are considering going away been where there are less people is a better option, it’s always good to take an extra precaution. AirBnB’s are also a great idea, but the rates have skyrocketed, so at this moment the price of luxury accommodation might be cheaper than a regular hotel!

Nothing is set in stone

Expect the unexpected when travelling in the current climate. Things look to be on the decline right now, which is why it’s safe to travel to different places. Still, this could all change at a moment’s notice. Be prepared for last-minute cancellations to flights or changes to the lockdown rules in different countries. Hopefully, this doesn’t happen, but it’s good to make contingency plans just in case. For example, pack your laptop in case you’re stuck quarantining in a foreign country for a couple of weeks, so you can do some work should you need to. 

Portugal September '19

Portugal September ’19

Activities when you are away could be very different for you if you go on holiday this summer. Some of you may read this post and think that it’s not worth all the hassle. That’s fine, and there are still loads of great things you can do right here in the UK! If you do decide to travel abroad, be sure you stay safe and enjoy yourself.

Let me know in the comments where you are heading, UK and abroad!

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