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These past few months have been a rollercoaster right? As we’ve all been drinking and eating more, I’ve tried my best to make better choices.

Drinking has been an area I’ve tried to improve on, from promising myself to drink more water to drinking higher quality alcohol I’ve been doing my bit to better myself in lockdown. I’m absolutely a person who judges a wine by its cover, I’d previously always go by the one which looked the nicest or had an interesting image on the label. When trying to pick a bottle that complements the food I’m cooking or simply buying one which matches my pallet, well, I’ve always found a bit of minefield, especially during a pandemic when there is no one in a shop to ask! During the lockdown, we’ve tried experimenting with new foods and trying new recipes, we stayed away from takeout and have tried to recreate a restaurant experience in our own home.

I’ve wanted to try a wine tasting course, however, doubt you could get all the knowledge required to make great wine choices in one session. With real-life taster sessions out of the window for the moment, the only option is to look online. Where do you start, with reams of online resources and language about the aromas, bouquets, and buttery, chewy, chocolatey cloying flavours, online wine tasting is tricky to navigate!

That’s where the Wine List came in. Thankfully they were on hand to let me try out the latest monthly wine tasting subscription box.  The Wine List is a new subscription service designed to help you discover new wines, whilst developing your skills at the same time. Each month learning materials help you to understand the bedrock of how wine is made, month by month you will be able to drink better wine at every price point. Ideal in these times, making sure every bottle you choose counts.

With each box you get the following:

  1. learning materials for a new core concept, helping to build your foundation wine knowledge which will help serve you with every future bottle.
  2. Two bottles of wine available in the UK. Mine was red and white. The wines are worth on average between £15 and £20 and won’t be available in the supermarkets as they are imported specifically for the boxes.
  3. A set of tasting cards. These help to guide your tastebuds and serve to jog your memory when you want to repurchase your favourites as well as teaching you about aroma and flavour.

The Wine List

After trying the wines and running through the testing cards, we were sent a link to ‘the answers’. I was surprised having never been to an official wine tasting lesson how close our answers were, I think there is still a lot of work to be done on improving our tasting, however, I think the flavours in this wine were quite distinct. The cards really helped to shape our thinking, allowing us to know more about the wine and develop our palate to understanding what we should be tasting. The Cara Sucia bottle was most definitely my favourite of the two. As advised in the material we chilled it slightly and drank in the garden during the unprecedented heatwave. It was an absolute delight. It’s cherry and strawberry flavours were exactly what I would look for in a bottle of red. The fact it could be chilled too made it very versatile.

I think the Wine List is a great monthly box of discovery. I like the fact you can learn as you go and who doesn’t like wine being delivered to your door?!

I was gifted a box to try, however, you can get your’s for a monthly subscription of £39 from


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