Co-operative Indian meal review and competition

I’m a big fan of a curry, I love the variety of spices, favours and choice you get with each dish. I love the socialness that Indian cuisine brings and everyone getting together for meals.
Coop has recently just launched their new range of loved by us Indian meals range created by renowned chef, Pratap Chinna.

With more than 35 years’ experience developing and creating, Pretap’s experience has been invaluable in putting together this classic and authentic range. To celebrate The Co-operative sent me a few dishes which allowed me to bring my friends together. I took them to work and we had a mini team curry club. At £3.59 for one or two for £6 the dishes are much cheaper than getting a takeaway or going out for a meal.

CO-OP indian meal selection

Something that I noticed right away was the size of the dishes, they seemed slightly larger than the normal microwave dish meaning that it was a nice feast.

The only downside was that there was three of us wanting to eat and with only one microwave it took a while for us to all get our meal due to the length of time that the dishes needed. Had I been at home I would have cooked them in the oven as I personally feel than when cooked that way there is a much tastier flavour.

tikka masala

I plumbed for the Chicken Tikka Masala. A deliciously creamy dish filled with chargrilled chicken pieces. You can tell despite oozing in tasty sauce that the meat was much better quality than normal ready meals. Another thing there was plenty of it, often it’s a case that you only get one or two pieces. The sauce was a twist on the traditional dish with an added spicy hot kick with extra chilli.

Paul went for the Chicken Karahi, which is said was equally tasty if not a bit hot where James went for the Vegetable Masala. The Vegetable mMsala is a classic curry dish of Bengali influence, filled with cauliflower carrots, courgette, aubergine and potatoes. The Chicken Karahi gets its name from a ‘Karahi’ a traditional Indian cooking vessel used for frying foods, the dish contains chicken breast pieces in a spicy tomato sauce cooked with onions, garlic and ginger flavoured with mint.

In celebration of this new range the Co-Op have asked me to host a competition to win a Masala Dabba spice tin to allow you to try your own curry creations at home.

masala dabba

To win a masala dabba filled traditional Indian spices, enter below

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I was gifted the dishes from the Co-op however all views are my own. The winner of the competition will be picked at random and contacted by the Co-Op up to 72 hours after the competition has ended

7 thoughts on “Co-operative Indian meal review and competition

  1. Jo Hutchinson says:

    A great review, thank you, and nice to know there are more than a couple of tiny chicken bits.

  2. Shirley Evans says:

    love to try this tin

  3. Maralyn Smith says:

    Our local Co-op stocks quite a wide range of both curries and ready made meals for when we are in a hurry. We usually buy the chicken tikka masala as we both like it. I also make my own curries and must admit that I am getting better at it. The only problem is finding all the different spices in my cupboard only to find that I’ve run out of one that I really need. This is where a Masala Dabba spice tin would come in very useful – keeping all the spices together. I’d love to win, but if not, I think I’ll just have to buy one to keep my spices all together!!

  4. This looks awesome. Fab giveaway, entered with thanks.

  5. This looks awesome. Fab giveaway, entered with thanks.

  6. I love all currys

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