Travelling after lockdown

Are we still in lockdown? It’s pretty hard to tell some of the time, shops are open, people are going back to work, but with so many restrictions in place sometimes it’s hard to know. […]


Ibiza Daydreaming

Ibiza has a reputation for been the party capital when in fact like most places there its not until you visit that you realise there is a lot more to the island than meets the […]


Iceland Tours – Whale Watching

Have you ever heard the breath a whale? Ever since a particularly unpleasant boat experience as a child I have never been a fan of boating experiences, however when we were looking into things to […]


Emma’s going to Iceland!

Ok just to clarify not the supermarket, but somewhere equally as cold, the country. Ever since I learnt what the northern lights exactly were I’ve been dying to get myself to see them, so when […]