A mini break in Scarborough with Ox Pasture Hall

Scarborough is a place which I know very well. Having been there many many times throughout my childhood Scarborough will always hold a special place in my heart, full of lots of lovely family time memories.

Despite been almost every year throughout my 29 years we have only every really focused on exploring the north and south bay. When the Ox Pasture Hall got in touch and asked if I wanted to come and stay I didn’t know where it actually know where it was situated!

I took a couple of days off work and Mum and I took a mini well-earned break away. We set off earlyish in the morning and took the beautiful scenic drive to into North Yorkshire, Scarborough. I always remember this one day when I was little and on the beach of Scarborough when it started to rain, an older man must have heard us moaning about as we were packing up our things and he said something which has always stuck with me ‘it doesn’t rain in Scarborough, its just wet sunshine’. So despite the rain we carried on and took a little walk around the town.
First off we stopped off for a spot of lunch at a little café called Mister Milos on the high street, set above the shops up a flight of stairs it was its own little winter wonderland, cost and warm with a log fire and an array of sparkly Christmas trees I already started to feel festive. Because of this we decided to have an amaretto steamer, lovely bubbly steamed milk with amaretto syrup, the perfect treat.
Mr Milos

After a spot of lunch we continued walking down the high street and down through the beautiful South Cliff Italian Gardens. A nod to the interesting Victorian heritage not far away from the Spa.
View of the Bay

Victorian Gardens
We meandered down the south bay past all the amusement arcades reflecting on the hours we used to spend here as kids with our pocket money. It was a shame many of the cafes and ice-cream huts were closed as I would have completely loved to have had a lemon top ice cream.



After we had a good old mooch around we went back to the car and found our way to the Ox Pasture Hallhotel in Scarborough, it was dark by the time we were setting off and the hotel seemed in the middle of nowhere, it wasn’t until the light of the morning that we realised what an idyllic countryside spot the hotel was surrounded by greenery and nature.
The Ox Pasture is a 4* hotel that originally used to be a farmhouse, the Ox Pasture Farm. Because of this there are some lovely farm features but has been completely modernised and is spectacular inside. The Hotel itself is made up of several outbuildings which are connected together by a beautiful courtyard. The hotel is made up of 33 rooms, we stayed in a suite named the York Suite one of the most recently upgraded rooms

The suite was huge, as I was staying with my mum we had two single beds in what was a huge bedroom. There was also a living area and one of the biggest bathrooms I have ever seen in a hotel. Pure luxury with waterfall taps and shower.

ox pasture room



comfy beds

bath robes

I really appreciated the little touches, the cotton wool in a pot, the flannels, soft fluffy towels and towelling robes in the wardrobe. The bath was enormous, there is no way if you were staying here that would wouldn’t want to use it several times.

The staff who were on shift were brilliantly attentive and friendly I couldn’t have faulted anything which they did. We had an evening meal at the hotel however I have so much to say about how wonderful it was that I am going to write about that in a separate post as it deserves dedication!

After our delicious meal we retreated to bed, where we both fell asleep almost instantly. The room as was peaceful and the bed so comfy that I had one of the best night sleeps I have had in a long long time.

I’m really struggling to think of anything that wasn’t great about the hotel but if I had to stretch to something it would be the lack of phone signal and Wi-Fi in the room. However on reflection sometimes it is nice to be completely cut off. Maybe not checking my phone throughout the night was one of the reasons I had such a good nights rest!

We woke from our lovely sleep and opened the curtains, having arrived in the dark we got the full chance to see how beautiful the surroundings were. A couple of pheasants were wondering around the lake and to wake up to a beautiful green sight was an absolute treat. The hotel is dog friendly and I can see why, with so much green space it’s an ideal place to bring your pet.

2nd courtyard

Ox Pasture

Ox Pasture

view from hotel room


We crossed the courtyard to go to breakfast where we had our evening meal the night before. I must admit I was still stuffed from the night previously however when I saw the menu I soon got my appetite back. Both mum and I decided to go for the full English, which was absolutely delicious. At the side we had some homemade fruit bread which we had tried the night before toasted which was sooo delicious. We made the suggestion to the chef that he should make and sell the bread as it was so delicious.


homemade fruit bread

Following breakfast we went back to our room, soaked in the scenery for a bit longer and then headed to the reception to check out. We had such a wonderful stay at the Ox Pasture, we left with full bellies and rested heads, always the best way when you leave a hotel!

From the Ox Pasture we went on to the Sea Life Centre. It’s a place we haven’t been for several years so was nice to go not in the peak of summer when it is full of kids.

We were the first visitors of the day, a real treat to have your own space in front of the tanks. My mum and I are big fans of aquariums and zoos and the Sea Life centre has a great mix of species. We made sure that we were present for feeding time for most of the animals. The otters were fed first and were by far my favourite sight of the day. Two beautiful creatures who were certainly very vocal about how much they wanted to be fed! It’s a shame they weren’t present at our breakfast at the hotel as the chef certainly wouldn’t have seen them go hungry.
We spoke to the keeper as he fed them day old chicks, steak and monkey nuts, a real feast for them. After that we went back inside to look at the mesmerising jelly fish, swimming around in their tanks illuminated by UV lights, they looked spectacular.






We moved back outside to go watch the feeding of the seals and the penguins where it turned rather chilly.

Once we had done at the Sea Life Centre we went on a another trip down memory lane, we took a walk up to the hill by the model train rail and past the open air theatre where we used to go boating as children, and we ended up outside a lovely little café/ ice cream parlour called Peaches ‘n’ Cream. Whilst we were VERY tempted by all the sundaes on offer as it was pretty cold outside we plumbed for a hot chocolate to warm us up. And a good choice it was too. After finishing up we went to a lovely little gift shop over the road and got some last min Christmas presents and headed back to the car past the delightfully painted beach huts on the south bay. The just look wonderful and anyone would find it hard to smile when they looked at them.

beach huts

beach selfie

south bay

peaches and cream hot chocolate

We just got back to the car as it started to pour down buckets of wet sunshine, what a lovely break away that was.
We were gifted a night and an evening meal at the Ox Pasture hotel, however all opinions and words are my own.

Mum and I

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  1. This looks gorgeous! I’ll have to go and stay!

  2. Brilliant read – definitely want to go visit Scarborough after reading this. And, Ox Pasture Hall looks stunning!

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