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It’s been a while since my student days, where Revolution in Sheffield used to be a frequent haunt. I remember pitchers of Woo Woos and making my own personal journey through the various flavours of vodka which were always beautifully arranged behind the bar. It’s been almost 10 years since those days and both I and Revolution have grown up. I was invited by Danielle at the Manchester Parsonage Gardens bar of Revolution to come and try out their new menu.
Mondays are always the worst day of the week so I decided to cheer mine up by taking my friend Jake with me. The weather was atrocious and we got soaked on the walk there so was very grateful to sit down and drip dry as we perused the extensive cocktail menu.


There are two new menus currently on offer in addition to the usual every day menu. One of these menus was an Andy Warhol inspired menu with various interesting drinks. Jake chose to go for an electric blue ‘Blue Movie’ which came in a really cute mini milk bottle with a stripy red and white straw. I chose to go for something from the new summer blended drinks menu and chose a berry mojito which was packed full of delicious raspberries and mint, a real summer time cocktail, perhaps not quite the right drink to match the awful weather which was going on outside! Happy Hour is between 5 and 7 Monday to Friday so there really is no excuse not to give some of these cocktails a try! At reasonable prices its a good excuse to try something you wouldn’t normally to try new things.

revolution cocktails
The menu was a bit mind boggling with so much choice, however bearing in mind the launch of the new street food menu across its 52 venues we decided to share the Street Food Crate for a started, A dish designed by Mark Rush inspired by authentic street food in celebration of American style deli produce. Revolution have always had their own twist on drinks and menus so was really interesting to see a menu which stands apart from others with burgers topped with wotsits and popping candy and a variety of delicious sauce flavours, the most eye catching been the chorizo sauce.

crate (2)

The Street food crate was the perfect sharing starter emulating the traditional Big Apple food cart, it was a real mix of flavours with a delicious mix of salt beef sliders, dough hot dogs, viper dusted fries and chicken strips with lashings of hot buffalo sauce.

Our waitress Grace was really attentive, as I wasn’t really sure what to go with for my main she gave her opinion of what was really good on the menu based upon what I liked which was a real help. I really like it when staff help you out like that, especially when there are so many options.

For main I decided to go for the triple overload burger which was a brioche bun with pulled pork, a beef burger and a chicken burger. It came with a side of fries presented on a board with a steak knife stabbed right through it. The burger was really decadent, it really finished off the Monday blues and completely filled my belly right up, and I couldn’t eat it all and ended up leaving a lot of the bread. Jake went for the Dirty Dog hot dog, topped with chipotle pulled pork with a side of fries it looked really tasty.

Revolution Burger

vodka revolution

We really shouldn’t have but we ended up sharing a desert (when I say share I mean Grace brought two spoons and I just ate it) of a chocolate sundae which was filled with chocolate and vanilla ice-cream and dark pieces of chocolate brownies. Totally unnecessary but it was really nice to try. There were some really interesting American style desserts on the menu such as milk and cookies and a Banoffee Fluffwich which I can imagine if you are a fan of doughnuts you would enjoy.

The surroundings of the bar were really nice, we sat in a booth by the window which was filled with light. You could easily have fit about 6 people comfortably in the booth making it a very sociable environment. Whilst it was 6pm on a Monday the restaurant/bar was nicely buzzing without been overwhelmingly busy and there was a really good atmosphere, a nice buzz and good music. I liked the booth we had near the bar as I always enjoy people watching, particularly when cocktails are been made.

I had a really pleasant evening at Revolution and Grace in particular made us feel really welcome. It would be a great place to meet as a group and go for a midweek catch up meal. The booths make it and happy hour where drinks are 2 for 1 for a few hours really help with anyone on a budget.
If you are looking to book a table or find out more about the menu then you can find out more by following the link here.

The food and drinks were complimentary courtesy of Revolution, however all the views are my own and I would certainly visit again.

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