Meat and Greet for Reds True Barbecue Manchester

People at my work know me well, they understand I have two passions in life – honey and meat. So it was no surprise when a guy at work came to tell me specially about Red’s True Barbecue, after listening to him I knew it wouldn’t be long until I walked through the doors for a visit.

I’d read several Manchester food bloggers reviews of the place before I went which left me pretty much drooling at my screen, and following a great day at TEDxManchester I suggested to Adam that we go for dinner.
The smell as we walked though the door was unbelievable – it took me back to summer BBQ’s and sitting on the grass drinking cocktails. However this feeling of being relaxed didn’t last long as the restaurant was so busy we were told it would be a 30min wait. Feeling too hungry to wait we decided to give it a miss and head home.

I spent a restless night dreaming about burgers and steaks so decided to give it another try the next day. The same wall meaty heat took over us as we walked through the door, this time the wait was much less so we decided to take a seat and have a drink at the bar.

This gave us a chance to peruse the menu which I absolutely loved. Leather bound bible style books displayed the 10 commandments of meat eating. For someone as carnivorous as me the menu made a great read.
Once we got seated at our table we proceeded to order.


Red's True Barbecue Menu

Red’s True Barbecue Menu

For starters we shared some Hush Puppies, I must admit I was drawn in by the title of them but they were a great choice and something which I hadn’t had before. They were Spicy sweetcorn and jalapeño fritters served with Red’s warm chili con queso dip. Perhaps a little greasy, but just enough food to whet our appetite for the main.
I realised we were in for a meaty feast so ordered myself a Honey Berry Smash, it was exactly as described on the tin and can only be compared to a raspberry mojito – truely delicious a great refreshing accompaniment to all the heavy food we ordered..

The mains arrived and I saw the happiness in Adam’s face as a 12oz juicy rib eye steak was presented before him. He ordered 2 humble sides of fries and coleslaw and I could tell he was happy.


Rib Eye Steak - Red's True Barbecue

Rib Eye Steak – Red’s True Barbecue

I winced a little when I saw the sheer size of my Pit burger. It was a home-made burger. All steak, all goodness. On top of that was sliced brisket, pulled pork, streaky bacon, melted cheese, dill pickle, tomato, lettuce, dirty sauce, American mustard and BBQ sauce all stacked inside a delicious glazed brioche bun which was so big it had to be skewered to keep upright with a big knife. I had it with sweet potato fries and one of the best crispy onion rings I have had in a long time. I’ve eaten at many a ‘designer burger’ joints but have no issue with saying this was one of the tastiest burgers I have ever had. The sweetness of the bun really made it for me. I struggled to finish it all as it was that big but Adam didn’t hesitate to finish off what I couldn’t manage.

The Pit Burger

The Pit Burger

The atmosphere of the place was lively and not overpowering despite it being so busy. The only negative for me was the fact that the tables are really close together. On one side of us we had a super annoying couple who loved the sound of their own voices and the other side a couple who probably got a bit annoyed at myself and Adam for peering over at them all the time with hungry-food-envy eyes.

Just as a warning if you are planning to go out after visiting Reds True Barbecue it might be an idea to take some Febreeze, we ended up smelling as though we had been cooking burgers all day – great after a summers evening but not so great for a night on the town.

All in all a fantastic addition to the Manchester restaurant scene, I’m already thinking when it might be appropriate to go and visit for a second time.


Red's True Barbecue

Red’s True Barbecue

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