Who fancies a Quanantini?

With quarantine and social distancing, we are all going out less than we used to. Even with more places opening up, sometimes staying in is better for you. That doesn’t mean that you have to not have fun. There are lots of ways that you can bring the party to your own house. One way is to learn to mix the best cocktails from the comfort of your own home. There are a few benefits to having a live-in bartender! Here are a few expert tips to make your night in as magical as possible and ensure you are getting the best quality drinks. 


Use the best ingredients

This might be a bit of a given, however, the first rule of making great cocktails is to use the best alcohol ingredients possible. Premium liquor is going to make or break your drink. While that doesn’t mean you have to buy the most expensive ones, you should be aware of the quality of the alcohol you buy. The better the quality, the better the cocktail. If spirits aren’t your thing, home brewing kits will allow you to make your alcohol to add extra flair to your drinks at home and give staying home instead of going out that edge. 


Chilled glasses

Another expert tip to put your cocktail over the edge is to chill the glasses beforehand. You can either put glasses in the fridge or fill them up with ice water before using them for your other drinks. Chilling the glass is the best way to keep your cocktail cold and refreshing for longer without watering it down. 


Proper shaking technique

The most important part of mixing a cocktail is mixing it correctly! You should use a high-quality jigger to ensure that you measure the ingredients correctly. Having the wrong ratio of ingredients is going to throw off the taste of your drink. You should also shake your cocktails using plenty of ice. The more ice you use, the colder your drink will be. You should always add the ice in last to ensure that it doesn’t melt and water down your drink. You should also shake the drink for longer than you might think. You should mix until condensation forms on the outside of the container. Once that happens, you know your beverage is fully chilled and ready to drink.  I love using my VonShef Cocktail Maker, not only is it amazing quality, it looks the business too!


Small glasses

Using small glasses to serve your drinks will be more work in the long run, but it will also ensure a better drinking experience. Larger glasses take longer to drink. This means that the beverage will not stay cold and will not be as refreshing. Using smaller glasses allows for a better experience, especially if you have followed the chilled glass technique above too! 

Fresh ingredients

Just like it is important to use the best alcohol to mix your cocktails, it is also important to use the best of other ingredients as well. Freshly squeezed juices are the best when it comes to serving cocktails at home. If you can’t squeeze your own juice, then you should take care to buy the best juices you can find, store-bought ones can be too sweet or too sour. You want to sample the drinks you make before you serve them. Different juices will vary in the way they taste, so you want to make sure the proportions of the drink are right, and all the flavors can be tasted equally,once you’ve put it in the glass it’s harder to change the flavour. 

And the cherry on top, don’t forget to garnish! A lot of the taste of a drink comes from how it looks and our first smell of it, so make sure you garnish with the most appropriate fruit or accompaniment – this will really take a drink from drab to fab!

Hope this helps with your next cocktail night at home, let me know in the comments any of your other top tips!

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