Easy as Pie – Pieminister Pie Pot Review

As a northern girl, I can’t resist a good pie. So when Pieminister got in touch with me and asked if I would review their new range of pastry free pies it was hard to say no.

The pies which can be bought nationwide in selected Sainsbury’s locals and superstores and also online in Pieministers very own online shop came delivered to my office in a chilled cardboard box. I was sent 4 flavours which I kindly shared with my colleagues.

Pieminister pie pots

The Meany Bean Pie Pot which is Vegetarian Society Approved with a mix of beans, butternut squash with a topping of spicy potato, at only 263 calories and gluten and dairy free this is a fantastic healthy alternative to sandwiches at lunch.

The Moo and Brew Pie Pot was a beef steak and ale pie topped with an herby potato top. Again low in calories at only 292 and dairy free, out of all of the options I was sent to try this one is the most ‘pie like’ and if you like meat and gravy then this one would probably be for you.

The Matador Pie Pot which was my favourite was beef steak and chorizo with a Spanish spiced potato top, really yummy and would make a brilliant quick evening meal especially if served side of green beans.

The Cheeky Chick Pie pot contained chicken in a white wine and leek sauce topped with herby potato. Again this would be a brilliant lunch time alternative at only 329 calories and gluten free.

Each pot only takes 4 minutes in the microwave and is warming and filling making a really easy lunch time treat for when you are in the office (providing you have access to a microwave!)


Matador Pie Pot

Have you tried any of these, if so what did you think?

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