Nicky Clarke Spinningfields Manchester Salon

So it’s been a while since I’ve wrote on my blog and this time wanted to write about something different.

A couple of weeks ago I had my hair coloured for the first time. As it’s a salon which I have gone to consistently for about two years I felt it would be appropriate to fit into my ‘doing’ section as having your hair done is a treat in my eyes.

As I mentioned just before Nicky Clarke in Spinningfields has been somewhere I’ve been visiting for the past two years after being disappointed by every other hairdresser around, you know those ones who don’t really listen to what you want and go ahead and do their own thing. Despite the fact my hair was long and layerd it turns out that hairdressers can get it really wrong. I never got any of these feelings when I started going to Nicky Clarke, and used to enjoy going to have my hair cut rather then dreading what I might walk out with. I was turning 27 and decided after having my hair pretty much the same since I was aged 4/5 it was about time to do something radical, go for the chop and have a colour.

I always love the atmosphere in Nicky Clarke, from the friendly receptionists to the cleanliness of the salon. Despite the busy-ness of the amount of people there it is always a place where I manage to relax. So whilst I have never had my hair coloured before I was totally at ease knowing I would be well looked after. I had a great consultation a couple of days before having my colour and whilst I didnt go for anything radical to me it was a big step.

Here was what my hair was before, and after both cut and colour. (apologies for so many photos of my face)

Before haircut

After Cut

After Colour

The lovely Roisin cut my hair and chopped a good 6 or so inches off and then a couple of days later Jenna coloured it making it lighter with the aim that in a few months or so I will have the ombré look which I wanted to achieve which will look more natural having the colour grow out naturally.

I’m so happy with the change and can’t believe that I didn’t do it sooner, for my first colour everyone in the team made me feel so comfortable with it.

Have you visited any of the other Nicky Clarke salons if so I’d love to know if you have the same lovely experience.

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