New Menu at Cane & Grain

The new food menu is now live at Cane & Grain. I was invited to take a look at some of the new items on the menu. A quick look at the menu before I went meant I spent the day eagerly salivating about it, especially as I had such a wonderful meal the last time I went.

If you’re into pork and beef ribs, burgers, pimped up fries, sandwiches and dessert shakes, cane & grain has something for you.

Like last time, we were greeted at the door and shown up the stairs behind the secret door. At the moment, I’m always looking at wallpaper in places and could not remember the last time I visited the beautiful wallpaper that leads you up the staircase, covered in exotic birds and lemurs it’s certainly a design treat to look out for.

The décor of upstairs is so swanky compared to down has a grown up style, with soft glowing light, large leather seats and copper encased tables. I took my Mum with me, it just so happened to be the hottest day of the year so far, it almost seemed a shame to be somewhere which had no windows. Regardless it was a lovely setting.
The restaurant was empty and was lovely and peaceful, a hidden gem in the northern quarter where it can sometimes be a bit too busy for comfort.
cane and grain bar
The cocktail menu at Cane and Grain is an unexpected delight. A wonderful array of ingredients make up the menu and is possibly one of the most extensive I have seen in the city.

I plumbed for a ‘New Orleans Fizz’ a creamy/foamy gin cocktail made with lemon, orange blossom and soda. The citrus flavours made it a really refreshing drink for such a warm day and it was beautifully decorated.
My mum decided on ‘Dig the Dizz Fizz’ a cocktail with an extensive list of ingredients including; strawberry gin, hibiscus and peach liqueur, lemon and ginger juice, cardamom, honey, cocoa-spearmint fizz foam and peach absinth mist. I can’t begin to describe how fresh and summery the drink was, after having a taste I’ll certainly be back soon to have another!

cane and grain bar cocktails

cane and grain bar new orleans fizz

I tried the ‘Risk it for a Brisket’ burger, a new addition to the new menu in May with truffle cheese fries whilst my Mum went for ‘the Deep South Burger’ with house fries. We shared a side of sautéed greens and beans also a new addition to the menu.

My ‘risk it for a brisket burger’ was really delicious, quite fiery beef brisket chilli with additional chilli encased in a soft hatched white bun. My truffle cheese fries were filled with flavour. My mum’s burger looked really refreshing. I always find burgers like this difficult to eat due to them being so large so always resort to a knife and fork to eat. Luckily we were supplied with hand wipes which really help for those wanting to get stuck in. I have to admit I preferred my Mums fries to mine, they were nice and crispy which I really liked opposed to mine which were covered in cheese (which was delicious) but evidently made they less crunchy.
cane and grain bar chicken burger

cane and grain bar brisket burger
I had a really lovely meal at Cane & Grain, it was lovely to catch up with my Mum and take her somewhere she hadn’t eaten before. I’d like to thank them for the meal and drinks I received in return for a review. To take a look at the menu follow the link here

Have you been to Cane and Grain? What other restaurants in the Northern Quarter of Manchester would you recommend?

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