Ibiza Daydreaming

Ibiza has a reputation for been the party capital when in fact like most places there its not until you visit that you realise there is a lot more to the island than meets the eye.

Sure there are the mega clubs, the bars and those that go there purely for a good time, however I wouldn’t rule out a holiday to Ibiza for a bit of rest, chilled out vibes and relaxation.

I went to Ibiza with my best friend Liz last year and I can’t believe I am only just getting around to writing about it. I guess with all the cold and wet weather I am craving a bit of sunshine and getting back some colour on my skin.

sunset strip

Last July Liz and I booked a cheap and cheerful week away in Ibiza in San Antonio. We are both getting on a bit now (approaching 30 this year!) and didn’t want to go for anything other than a week sun soaking and relaxing which is exactly what we got.

Our plans for the trip entailed a lot of lazing by the pool of our hotel and people watching in the evening whilst gorging ourselves on calamari and cocktails
I didn’t realise before going to the island what a beautiful place it was, how much I would enjoy it and how much I would love to go back.

The highlight for me was the evening we spent on the aptly named Sunset Strip watching the sun go down at Cafe del Mar. It was such a wonderful atmosphere, people celebrating the sun setting to the most atmospheric music, it was nice to appreciate the little things on such a beautiful landscape. Of course the cocktails helped make that even better. If you are thinking of visiting this part of the island and want to be there and eat for sunset, make sure you get there early or book a table, be aware that in some bars there is a minimum spend for the best seats so if there is only a couple of you or you aren’t planning on drinking and eating you may find it a bit tricky to find somewhere.

Sunset Moment

If you want to get a glimpse of how beautiful the Ibizan sunset is just take in the time-lapse video below. By no means as good as the real thing, however it’s lovely and relaxing.

I had such a relaxing time in Ibiza that I would love to go back and have a similar kind of holiday. Since I have been I have been doing a bit more research and have seen that spa holidays are a popular option.
When I go back next time I would love to visit the hippy market, as one of the island top attractions and a must-see for every holidaymaker. However it’s not the only one on the island and they pop up wherever you stay.
The hippy markets have been popular in Ibiza since the early 60’s when arti-sans, and designers flocked to the island to soak up its unique atmosphere .The biggest Markets are the Punta Arabí Hippy Market on Wednesday in Es Caná and the Las Dalias Hippy Market on Saturday in San Carlos.


I would like to stay at the stunning boutique hotel Aguas de Ibiza in Santa Eulalia. It certainly looks like my kind of holiday hotel. Bedrooms full of light overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The hotel boasts a wellness programme which you can choose how long you go for. The spa retreat has programmes for getting fit, losing weight or simply relaxing and forgetting all about stress. A team of experts including personal trainers, an osteopath, a chiropractor and a nutritionist carry out the custom tracking of each programme to achieve the best results. Sounds like a great place to get yourself on track and a place to enjoy a good bit of sunshine whilst you’re at it.

It may be the third biggest town in Ibiza, however Santa Eulalia has a long-established reputation as the island’s gastronomic and cultural centre and is the preferred part of the island for those looking to see the island away from the club and party scene with what looks like some incredible restaurants to try.

Me and Liz

Me and Liz

I am certainly craving a bit of sun so who knows maybe another trip to Ibiza is on the cards.
Have you been before? Are there any must see places to visit on the Island?

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