Get your eat on at Manchester Arndale – menu tasting at Nandos

The other night I was invited along with many other bloggers to go and try out some of the options on the Nandos menu in Manchester Arndale as part of the month ling food event which is being held there as part of the ‘get your eat on’ campaign.

Get Your Eat On‘ runs from the 1st till the 31st of August and within the Arndale Shopping centre where you can find voucher booklets offering great discounts on many of the eateries and take-aways in the Arndale including Nandos of course


Get Your Eat On at Manchester ArndaleGet Your Eat On at Manchester Arndale

Get Your Eat On at Manchester Arndale

A lot of my friends are die hard Nandos fans, I have only been a couple of times before so I looked forward to finding out more about the menu.

It was interesting to learn all about the history of the restaurant and how it had started back in Portugal. Nando was actually the name of the son of the man who originally opened the restaurant which just sold chicken dishes. Naturally like many fathers he called his restaurant after his son and it became known as we know it today. Barcy the cockerel, the logo synonymous with the Nandos brand came from a old Portuguese fable. The tale tells of a man who was going to be tried for theft, after an altercation with the judge, he said if the cockerel which was placed on the table cooked at a feast was the crow then it would prove his innocence. The cockerel went onto crow and somehow this tale became part of the Nandos brand.

The first of their restaurants in the UK opened in Ealing in 1992 and since then has grown massively, now having over 300 nationwide.

For starters we were treated to a new addition to the menu. A plate of sweet potato wedges with a yoghurt dip drizzled on top. The wedges were really nice, I’m a huge lover of sweet potato so even before they arrived I knew I’d be a fan. The yoghurt dip was a nice addition, and if this could have been a side in a pot by itself I think I would have enjoyed it with chips as an alternative to peri-naise (the Nandos alternative to mayonnaise).

Pita and hummous

Huuuuge Olives

Along side this we had a lovely selection of pita and hummous, olives and a tomato and chilli dip.

Nandos sweet potato wedges

Nandos sweet potato wedges

Next up came the chicken thighs. For those who don’t like eating meat off the bone or for those who prefer the darker meat of the leg this is a great addition to the menu to be able to get that Nandos flavour without all the bone mess. We tried a variety of hotness ratings but my personal favourite will always be the extra hot.

Whilst we didn’t get to try these, we were told that Nandos will soon be launching their own version of hanging kebabs. I’m a huge fan of the ones at the oast house so it would be great to see these on the menu to be able to see if they can compare.

Avocado salad

for the non-chicken-lovers there was a delicious avocado salad

Ever played wing roulette? Apparently it’s big on social media, with groups of die hard Nandos friends, all taking a wing and seeing who ends up with the extra hot one. Naturally I ended up with the extra hot one, I didn’t even mind, to be honest I specially tried to pick that one!

We cooled our mouths off with a delicious peach iced tea which has been designed and created by the sister of the Nandos own. As well as peach you can get berry or lemon. These drinks are a really thirst quencher and don’t leave you with a full gassy belly which can sometimes happen with soft drinks at a restaurant.  

I was so full after the event that I waddled home pretty much looking like Barcy.


Rubro – coming soon to a Nandos near you

I had a great night at the Get your Eat on event, thanks again to Leanne at LFJpr, I met some great people and can’t wait to get spending my vouchers in the Arndale over the course of August!

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