Making my house feel a home with a flower delivery

Flowers make everyone’s day. There’s been a lot going on in my life at the moment and sometimes you just need to bring the nature inside to appreciate everything that’s around you.

Home bargains got in touch with me to see if they could send me some flowers for my blog. They couldn’t have come at a better time. I had had a pretty stressful week at work, and house issues a plenty. I’d forgotten that the flowers were coming at the weekend so it was a pleasant surprise when I heard a knock on the door from the post lady.

I’ve had flowers delivered in the post before (mind you that’s a rare occurrence!) but these were packaged really beautifully in brown paper tied in a bow. They were really secure in the box and I’d say only one of the stems were a tiny bit damaged – in all they were in great condition.
flower delivery

I had chosen the Alstroemeria Bouquet which are sometime known as Peruvian lillies, the flowers looked full but were all in bud meaning they would take a few days to come out in full bloom. But even in bud they looked lovely and filled a vase full.

They were varying shades and of white, pink and plum and filled my room with a lovely sweet but not overpowering scent.

beautiful blooms

A £9.99 for the bunch which included flower delivery. The bunch really cheered me up and helped to make my house (which is currently a bit of a building site with renovations) feel more like a home. They would have made a perfect gift and even deliver on a Saturday – definitely would feel good ordering these for a birthday gift knowing how lovely they looked and what good condition they were in.

The flowers lasted just over 3 weeks until they started to look a bit sad which I though was incredible, fantastic value!

I was gifted these flowers to review however all opinions are my own and have already ordered some since for a friend!

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