Five gold rings – Christmas Wish List with Baileys Chocolat Luxe

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In case there is anyone out there wondering what could be on my dream Christmas wish list this year it’s simply something which ‘money cannot buy’.

Karl Karter, a London based jeweller whose shop I was lucky enough to stumble across in Hatton Garden the last time I was down in London, has specially created 5 Baileys Chocolat Luxe inspired rings, just in time for me to add to my dream gift wish list.

Karl Karter and Baileys

Each of the custom rings designed by Karl Karter feature both yellow and rose gold and are studded with precious chocolate coloured gems. Karl Karter has many well known fans from the likes of Jessie J, Alisha Dixon and Eliza Doolittle. His designs are striking and contemporary taking design influences from Mayan to art deco periods and is a perfect collaboration between Bailey and jewellery design. The gold limited edition Baileys Chocolat Luxe is a limited edition whilst stocks last and I can’t wait to pick one up this Christmastime.  Baileys Chocolat Luxe was created by Anthony Wilson, the principal scientist at Diageo and son of the man who led the team behind the Baileys Original Irish Cream.

Chocolat Luxe

Travelling over three continents Anthony Wilson personally tasted 200 varieties of the world’s finest chocolate – worked tirelessly to crack the previously unfathomable code to create a fusion that would see chocolate perfectly mixed with Baileys Original Irish Cream.  Baileys Luxe is a wonderfully rich Christmas drink and the golden bottle design makes it the perfect drink to have over ice in front of a glowing fire this season.

The rings are at the top of my money can’t buy Christmas wish list as they will only be available to win via the Baileys twitter account and to whoever wins them makes an even more exclusive Christmas gift.

The custom-made Five Gold Rings will be included as part of the Baileys Chocolat Luxe 12 Days of Christmas give-away, offering you the chance to win one of 12 luxury gold-themed daily prizes, including designer shoes, watches, beauty products, bags and more. However the prize I have my eye on is the star prize of one of our unique gold rings. To enter visit and for more information visit

5 gold rings

But should you happen to win and are feeling particularly generous this festive season you know who would be able to give the ring a good home.


What’s on your dream Christmas list this year?

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