Dreaming of Las Vegas

Having been at the company I work at for five years, I am fortunate to have been granted a week’s long paid sabbatical. With the week off looming I’ve been looking into places I could go and things I could go to reward myself for all my hard work.

I’ve considered going back travelling around Morocco, I’ve had dreams of venturing to Thailand and thought about exploring Europe a bit more however at the back of my mind I can’t shake away from the thought of going to Las Vegas.

I want to see the lights and grandness and feel the energy in the air. People seem to go there with the intent of having a good time, and letting their hair down, that seem infectious to me and god knows I could do with a break from it all.


What would I do?

Las Vegas has become the unofficial magic capital of the world, I adore magic shows and seeing it all happen before your eyes. Las Vegas has become home to some of the most well-known magicians in the world, in particular David Copperfield and Penn & Teller. I was fortunate enough to meet Penn & Teller when they were in Manchester last year when I randomly walked past on the night of the show bought a ticket from a man who had one spare ticket outside the venue. I did it on a whim, and I’m so glad I took the opportunity, the show blew my mind, I’m still trying to piece what happened together and can only imagine what their shows in Vegas would be like with their own stage, and in their hometown. I’d certainly want to book tickets to see their show again.

Penn and Teller

Vegas isn’t just for the party people there is so much to do away from the strip. I’d like to rent a car (ideally a red open top Cadillac!) and drive to get some reprieve from the hustle and bustle at the Red Rock Canyon. Whilst it would be fun to drive around the park, I think from the reviews you would only feel the sheer size of it all through planning a hike. I can envisage a lot of photo opportunities for any keen photographers, capturing the stunning colours of the red rock. If you follow the link here you can see some beautiful photos of some of the nature you could see, proof that there is more to Las Vegas than you realise.

Lesser known activities which I would definitely want to check out while I was there would be swimming with dolphins at the Mirage. Here you can even become a trainer for the day and even take part in a dolphin yoga session which takes place in the underwater viewing area with a family of bottlenose dolphins.

And of course there are the casinos. I don’t think you could possibly come all the way to Vegas and not experience some the action. I absolutely love casinos hence why I think I have this draw to Vegas. I would certainly want to visit Caesars Palace, it’s the classic casino which is featured on films and has something of a draw to it. It’s the casino which is usually the main host of the big boxing matches, which would be incredible to experience, however, I don’t think it is something I could quite afford to go to as tickets to a big fight can cost thousands and thousands of pounds. There is so much choice with casinos to go to, I don’t think you would ever get bored! There is a great guide here from Time Out on the top 10 casinos wherever you are either Downtown or on the Strip.


If my budget would stretch to it, I would love to stay at the MGM Grand, in one of their sky loft apartments. Unfortunately this is pretty unlikely unless I happen to win big in Caesars Palace ;). MGM Grand is an iconic hotel on the strip, I remember once watching a documentary about the hotel and the inner workings that went on to ensure that everything worked like clockwork. It was truly fascinating! Some of the hotels in Vegas are like attractions in their own right and I think it would be amazing to just walk down the strip and take in all the architecture on the grandest of scales.

Whilst it may seem expensive to go to Vegas it certainly seems that it is all dependant on how big and crazy you want to go once you get there. I’ve been looking at Holiday Genie’s trips to Las Vegas and have found packages to get there for on my chosen dates to stay in a 4* hotel for 7 nights for around the £800-900 per person mark which is a lot more reasonable than I imagined.

Well thinking about all that I think I might get booking a holiday now! If you’ve been to Vegas are there any other places you would recommend?

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