Disaronno Terrace – at the Oast House

Following its success during a four-week run in London, The DISARONNO Terrace hit the road, taking its one-off series of summer parties north to The Oast House in Spinningfields

DISARONNO invited cocktails lovers to enjoy a host of live performances which are set to including Cribs (DJ set), Summer Camp. Alongside the music there were up and coming artists and illustrators entertaining guests throughout the evening creating live works of art, cocktail experts running complimentary DISARONNO Sour cocktail master classes.

Little Comets

Little Comets

I was invited to the launch event which had live music from Little Comets and Thumper. I was particularly looking forward to seeing the Little Comets, before moving to Manchester almost 4 years ago I used to live in Sheffield and one of the last gigs I went to was to see the Little Comets, I was pleased to say that they were just as good live then as they are today.

They played one of my favourite songs Joanna; I love the lead singer’s voice in this song.

I took my friend Nick and pretty much straight away we were treated to a DISARONNO sour cocktail master class. I always save cocktail drinking to when I go out as I always thought I needed so many ingredients however to make a DISARONNO sour you only need 4 ingredients which everyone has at home.

All you need is a measure of DISARONNO, a squeeze of lemon juice, a measure of sugar syrup, and a small bit of egg white.

Disaronno Sour

Disaronno Sour

All of off the ingredients are shaken vigorously in a cocktail shaker and then poured over ice. The egg makes the drink have a light frothy texture so the harder you shake it the better. You can then garnish it with lemon.

I never realised how easy sugar syrup was to make but basically if you have an empty clean glass bottle you can fill 50% of it with ordinary sugar and then top the rest of the bottle up with boiling water. You’ll get exactly the same product as you buy in the shop, however save yourself alot of money.

It’s good to garnish the drink with a slice of lemon. I thought garnishes’ were just to make your drink look nice, however we got told that it’s all to do with taste. If you hold your nose whilst eating  a mint leaf you get a terribly bitter taste, however the moment you let go of your nose the sweet minty flavours come through. Garnish on a drink enhances the flavour of any drink through smell. People getting drinks from me in the future can expect alot more garnish in their drinks!

Every good event these days has a photo booth, over the past couple of years myself and Nick have made good use of them so without breaking tradition we made sure we visited it a couple of times, it’s always nice to have a printed memory of such a good night.

Photobooth at DISARONNOTerrace

Photobooth at DISARONNOTerrace

To apply for complimentary tickets to the DISARONNO Terrace, visit Disaronno.beoriginale.com.

The events upcoming and past have included


Wednesday 30th July-
MUSIC: Little Comets & Thumpers
ART: Lewis Loughman

Wednesday 6th Aug
MUSIC: Saint Raymond & The Crookes
ART: John Powell-Jones

Wednesday 13th Aug
MUSIC: Teleman & Cribs DJs
ART: Paul Hallows

Wednesday 20th Aug
MUSIC: Summer Camp & Pins

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