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On the 21st of May Chatime opened up in Manchester. I was invited along to their store at 93 Princess Street right in the heart of China town to try it out. Id tried Bubble Tea before at a cafe in London so was excited to try it again closer to home. Chatime is an international chain of traditional Taiwanese bubble tea cafes so this location was ideal. The location was open and welcoming with exposed brick interior and interesting arrangements of the brewing machines.

China Town Manchester

As a self confessed tea addict, I wasn’t actually aware that bubble tea was made from a blend of tea. Nicholas the friendly store owner took me through what bubble tea actually was as even though I had tried it before he knew I probably didn’t know what it was made from. The tea based beverage can be served either ice cold or piping hot. The tea base which is a special blend from Taiwan is mixed with either milk or fruit juice and served with Tapioca pearls or flavoured jellies. It’s a unique drinking experience, and not your usual afternoon tea delight.
The tea is brewed in state of the art brewing machines which is all computerised technology. All drinks are made to order to retain the freshness of the tea blends and ensure that every drink for the customer is of incredibly high quality.

There are many variants of the drink which I soon found out and so many ways you can have the drink. With 12 different tea blends and 63 different varieties there are countless ways to try the tea. As I was a novice drinker I asked Nicholas to recommend something to me. He chose one of his favourite drinks which were the lychee green tea with coconut jelly. The drink was so refreshing and sweet especially on such a hot afternoon, as the drink is made completely to your preference you can opt for more or less sugar or a variety of different toppings. Apparently it’s very popular in Manchester to have additional sugar however this isn’t the typical Taiwanese way. The drink I had was just right.

Chatime Lychee Green Tea

I then went on to try the more traditional bubble tea drink which is the signature Chatime milk tea with tapioca pearls. The peals have to be specially made each day and have a very unique texture which makes for a very interesting drinking experience.

Chatime Signiture Blend

Both of the drinks were very filling and were a really novel experience and great to try something new in Manchester. Nicholas told me there were exciting plans for the cafe, having only just opened the place was really busy and it looked like it was doing really well. If you’re in the area and haven’t tried bubble tea before pop in and don’t be shy to ask for a recommendation the staff were ever so friendly and helpful.

You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter also and see all their latest offers.

My drinks at Chatime were complimentary however all views are my own.

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