Rum, Ribs, Bourbon and Beer – Cane & Grain Manchester

Good job the first three of those things happen to be on my ‘very much like’ list.  Last week my friend Jake and I finally made it round to visiting Cane & Grain, a place I had heard so much about from my friends.

We were greeted at the door and lead upstairs from the skate bar to the first floor bar which if I’m been honest was a lot more my style, with panelled wood floor a glow of yellow light and big leather chesterfield sofas.  The downstairs bar which serves purely ribs is a teenage skater boys dream with graffiti tables and skater memorabilia everywhere.

The cocktail menu was a real delight, so much choice and evidently put together by a team who know their stuff. I decided firstly on ‘the Bloomsbury Tale’ a mix of Tanqueray 10 Gin, lemon, team and ale syrup, and a dash of rhubarb and clove cordial. It was delicious, and tasted like melted gummy sweets. So sweet but with a real syrup flavour to it. Jake who is also a gin lover went for ‘the new Orleans fizz’ a much more creamy cocktail with Gin, cream lemon orange blossom and soda. Despite been mixed with cream the citrus flavours and soda kept it really light.

cane&grain cocktails

Cane & Grain really weren’t joking when the said ribs were their speciality. If ribs aren’t your thing then it’s unlikely you will like this place as probably about 80% of the menu choices consist of them.

Jake went for half a rack of baby back pork ribs with the hot as fu*k fries which contained a smoked jalapeños wrapped in bacon and I decided to try the C&G burger, a quarter pounder beef patty topped with pulled pork and pickles. When the food arrived I was so glad I hadn’t gone for the ribs, despite been starving there is no way I would have ever managed them they were HUGE. Jake let me try a bit and they were delicious. Slow roasted and succulent the meat just fell off the bone. My burger was equally delicious. The brioche bun I think always is a great touch to something so meaty. As a side I had the corn on the cob, a dish which is becoming a staple part of any order I make in a restaurant. This really hit the spot and was a good mix of buttery chargrilledness.

ribs sides cane and grain burger

Jakes eyes were definitely bigger than his belly and whilst he managed to polish off the ribs he couldn’t manage the fries. There was no way we could manage desert but I wasn’t just ready to leave just yet. I decided to get a cocktail for the road and for this ‘Tiffany’s last order’ seemed appropriate. This has to be one of the best cocktails I have had in Manchester, I can still taste it now and am already looking forward to going back to Cane & Grain for another. Served in a cute little teacup it was a delicious cocktail of English Harbour Rum, Bolivarian Falernum, Amontillado Sherry, lime, orange blossom and vanilla foam. Whilst I haven’t a clue what the second ingredient even is it tasted delicious.


Cane & Grain is an excellent addition to the Northern Quarter and the fact it has 3 different floors with different themes, menus and drinks makes it quite an unusual place to dine. Whilst it was recommended to me anyway I’ll certainly be passing on the tip to others, particularly on the cocktail menu.

My review for Cane & Grain will be featured in the Bloggers Millennium Guide to Manchester with Millennium Hotel and Resorts so keep a look out for it.

Have you been to Cane and Grain? What other restaurants in the Northern Quarter of Manchester would you recommend?

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