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The pop up of the Corn Exchange has resulted in a boom of new restaurants and bars opening up in Manchester. There has been a plethora of new menus and launch nights to look out. One place that I have been particularly interested in has been Cabana. A Brazilian restaurant which I went to try for the first time last week.

Positioned looking out to the Manchester Football museum the brightly decorated and festive restaurant is hard to miss. Decorated in festive Brazilian carnival colours I knew this would be a really fun place. The menu didn’t disappoint and delivered all the fun and exciting treats I presumed there would be.

Cabana Bar


Cabana kitchens

We kicked of the evening with Brazil’s national cocktail the caipirinha. I went for a twist on the tradition and plumed for a mint and pineapple where Chris went for a passionfruit and raspberry. Both delicious!
As we supped on the cocktails we perused through the menu. A while you wait dish jumped out at me as the parmesan cheese and wild honey dish. Anyone who knows me knows I have a huge love of both of these items, therefore I think it’s safe to say that my decision was made. Chris plumed for the pulled pork sliders, three cheesy dough balls filled with pulled pork. They arrived and I must say the dish I chose was different to how I imagined. Cubes of cheese to dip in the sweetest honey, quite odd but different from the usual bread and olives, you wouldn’t want to eat too many of these though as the honey was very sweet.



The mains arrived which I went for the Chilli Chilli Lamb Lamb. A fiery barbequed lamb dish that was served on a skewer with palm hearts. Chris’ also arrived on a skewer and was the most ordered dish on the menu the Spicy Malagueta Chicken, served with sweet potato fries and rice.

The arrival of the dish certainly made it an occasion, I really like it when restaurants make an effort with the delivery of food Cabana did it well. Both dishes were served with a side of Bora-Bora rice, delicious long grain rice topped with garlic, crispy shallots and spring onions. The dish is named lovingly after the Brazilian footballer who loved it so much – I can see why it was a favourite dish and was a different accompaniment to fries.



Despite us been incredibly full from the starter and the main we plumbed for a desert, I went for a caramel flavoured frozen yoghurt topped with coconut thinking it would cleanse my palate, whilst Chris went for the rainbow filled chocolate doughnuts. A really different and novel dish. I was pleased the waiter told us to be careful eating them as the chocolate inside was a hot as molten lava.

The restaurant was really lively, the décor as mentioned before was super fun and what I imagine Brazilian restaurants to be like. Despite only been open a short time the staff were incredibly knowledgeable and attentive and the atmosphere added the samba carnival spirit to the night.

If you are thinking of having a visit why not take a look at their menu here.

Have you tried Cabana yet? If so let me know what dish you tried.

2 thoughts on “Cabana Brasilian Barbeque Manchester

  1. Great review. One to try out when we’re next in Manchester. And will soon be able to compare to actual Brazilian food! (We’re going in less than ten weeks!) Nice work on the blog.

  2. I’ve lived in Brazil for 13 years and this is unlike any Brazilian restaurant I have ever seen or heard about.

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