Byron Burger – Deansgate Manchester

So for my first post on my blog I’m going to coincide it with a first visit.

About a week ago I went on a works social to Bryon Burger, we have had an ongoing theme of nights out to visit fancy burger joints so Byron seemed a perfect opportunity.

I wasn’t even aware they Byron was a chain but that at all hasn’t damped my thoughts on Byron as I thought it was great. Considering there were 13 of us who went for a meal, I was so impressed with the quality of food and service.

Burger at Byron Burger

Byron Burger

I opted for the classic Byron burger which had bacon and cheese where as most of the team went for a chilli burger which I am told was great ( next time I go I’ll be ordering that one!)

I loved the decor of the place, it felt like an amber diner but with a modern unfinished touch, the plastic cows which were littered around the place made a fun game of ‘how many cows can you spot and put on your colleagues head’

i have no one idea what the name was of the blonde waitress was who worked there but I have to say she is one of the best waitresses I have met in a while. She appeared to read our mind and was so friendly I felt like asking if she would like to join us.


I was impressed the quality of the burger, there are other ‘designer’ burger restaurants in Manchester and I think Byron comes 2nd on my list. The burger wasn’t greasy I was full after I ate it without feeling horrible, and even though I went on to have a desert (really not good for the diet) I left feeling like I could have done something rather than having to go home and sleep off the burger belly.

Cow display at Byron Burger

A bull, a milking cow and a bullock, just a selection of the cows on display

All in all a great evening and a burgerlicious joint I’d be happy to go back to again.

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