Birthday Baking with Betty Crocker.

Last weekend I booked a train home and went to go celebrate my Dads 66th birthday. The timing of Betty Crocker sending me some of their baking products couldn’t have been better timed.

I was able to make my Dad some birthday cookies of which he loved. I always think gifts which are made for someone mean more. They were so delicious and easy to make it would be ideal to keep a packet of this mix in the cupboard for any easy ‘forgotten’ birthday treat of something yummy to make if someone was dropping in for an unprepared visit.

All that was needed for the cookie mix was 3 tablespoons of water which you poured into the mix in a large bowl and mixed until the mixture was like a hard paste. Each packet of mix made 8 cookies so I tried to split the mixture into 8 ball shapes. What made the mix even easier was the fact you didn’t have to even grease the tray. If I was making these again I would make sure I spread out the balls of mixture a little to make sure I got a ‘rounder’ biscuit, however the shapes which I did, which you can see in the picture made yummy cookies which were cakey on the inside and crunchy on the outside. I guess it depends on how ‘biscuity’ you like your cookie but if you want them crunchier try to flatten down and spread out the mixture. I made two batches of cookies, both milk and white chocolate.

betty crocker

Dad loved the cookies, they smelt absolutely delicious. My family came around in the afternoon and we all had the cookies with cups of tea. They tasted homemade, and somehow I managed to convince most people I had made them myself. (Let’s hope they aren’t reading this!)

On the Sunday I decided to make the brownies for my office colleagues. Again like the cookies the mixture smelt amazing even before I had put in the additional ingredients which was one whole egg, some water and a bit of vegetable oil. The mixture made a silky smooth batter which I dropped into a greased dish.

betty crocker brownies

Once the mixture had cooled I cut it into 16 pieces and wrapped it up to take to work. The urge not to eat it all on the train was quite immense. The mix had made a really delicious gooey brownie which was slightly crisp on the top. Everyone said how yummy they were. Again they were so quick and simple to make and a really lovely treat for the office.

I’ve yet to use the frosting which was also sent but am hoping to save this for some Easter baking. With lent starting next week I’m going to try and be good and stay away from sugar.

If cookies or brownies aren’t your thing you can find some more baking inspiration here.

Have you used Betty Crocker before, did you too try to pass it off as your own baking

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