Baking with Jus-Roll

It might be January and in the middle of diet and detox season but I don’t think I’m ready to say goodbye to the festive season just yet. I had two wonderful weeks off spending time with my family and friends back home and much of my time was spent eating delicious food. In my house alot of time at Christmas is usually dedicated to baking however this year at our house we take the easy route and take a few shortcuts to make life during what can be a chaotic time a bit more simple.

I’m beginning to think that just like hot cross buns (which no doubt will be in the shops soon) why should mince pies just be limited to just Christmas? I usually end up buying them from the shop as I am terrible at making pasty. My wonderful Nanna is a fantastic pastry maker however my mum and I haven’t quite picked up her skills. In December Jus-Roll sent me some vouchers to try out some of their chilled pastry products which came in perfect time just before our big supermarket Christmas shop.

We got the 2 rolls of short crust pastry which we used to make around 24 mince pies and some yummy sausage rolls.  In the past when I had used the pasty before I made the mistake of using the pasty straight from the fridge, I remember the finished article looking a bit like a disaster and spent alot of time trying to mend the cracks. This time however I read the instructions and was patient leaving it out of the fridge to come to room temperature for 30 mins before handling it.

Everything is so simple when using jus-roll, no messy pastry hands, barely any washing up, pre-rolled on a sheet on greaseproof the only thing you have to do is use a circle cutter and place the rings in a tray, fill them with shop bought mince-meat and top with a cut out pastry star. Simple easy peasy mince pies which taste just as good as the ones my Nanna makes.

Jus Roll Mince Pies

The sausage rolls were even easier! Simply take some sausage meat, we got ours from our local butcher that way  you know that the meat is much better quality, remove it from the packet and place it in ‘sausage roll’ shapes across the pastry. You then simply roll the pasty around the meat and bake until the pastry is golden and slice once cooled. I love how simple these are and whilst they are ‘homemade’ no one would realise you hadn’t made it all from scratch.

Sausage Rolls

As I enjoyed the jus-roll products so much I also purchased the pain au chocolate kit. The kit is so simple to use, simply unwrapping the cardboard tube the pastry is perforated in to exact sized rectangles ready for you to place the chocolate sticks in, roll up and bake. This was a real breakfast treat, and was perfect with a cup of earl grey. Since buying this I have already purchased the apple Danish pack and am looking forward to using it later in the week.

Pain Au Chocolate

If you fancy having a go at some cheat baking with Jus Roll you can view their range here.


I was sent vouchers from Jus-Roll however all options are my own.

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