A Luxury Trip to London on a Budget: 5 Must-Know Tips For Traveling After Lockdown

Undoubtedly, London is one of the most exciting and expensive places in the world, and this city can represent an expensive holiday for many families – especially if you have not planned it well. However, it is possible to make the most out of this capital city and not spend a fortune! 

Especially if you are able to merge it with a road trip, you can experience all of the best sights of the UK for not so much. Undoubtedly, planning and booking in advance are paramount. Check out the must-know tips below to make the most out of your time in London!


Opt for Staying in an Apartment

Hotels in London are known to be among the expensive ones in the country. Their average price per night can also be much higher than in several other cities around Europe. Due to these high prices, many travellers resort to using hostels – which are also not as affordable as in countries such as Estonia or Spain. 

Nonetheless, London is an amazing city and should be lived in style. Therefore, checking out a holiday rental or luxury apartments can represent the best solution for you and your family. Among the benefits of this choice, you can count on having enough space for the whole family and ensure that there is no risk of contagion if you are travelling after COVID-19.

Book Your Tours in Advance

Especially if you are planning a more extensive trip across the UK, you might consider booking all the attractions and tickets in advance. This is essential to ensure that you can plan your budget in advance. Indeed, while it might require a little more planning than predicted, this technique might be the way to know what you are spending while on your trip. With the remaining budget, you can enjoy the best restaurants in and around London!

Rent a Car for a Road Trip

London is extremely easy to visit through the extensive public transportation system the city benefits from. However, this can be costly and, if you prefer to dedicate some of your time in the UK in areas around the city, you might consider heading outside of London. In this case, public transportation can set you back several hundred. In this case, you might prefer renting a car. 


This option allows you to save and have the freedom to explore the beautiful landscape of the UK in all tranquillity. This might also be an ideal choice if you are travelling after the lockdown. Indeed, several lines might not be working as usual or as safe as they would normally be. A car will keep you safe and free to explore any corner!

Find Out About Restaurant Promotions in Advance

Many restaurants have implemented promotional offers because of the current pandemic. If you are travelling during the pandemic and you plan it well, you might be safe while enjoying the best promotion of London restaurants. This is crucial to reduce the budget for your holiday and make sure that you and your whole family is safe and entertained!

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